Gems of Africa: Where to find them

The summer holidays are slowly coming to an end and I am so not looking forward to it ending because I always enjoy spending time with my children, going out, doing fun things together. Summer holidays are always fun! This past weekend, I took my 5 year old daughter, Janis, to the Lekki Arts & Craft Market. (Remember in my last post about my visit to the arts market, I said I was going to take her to the visit the market). She was so excited as she is an emerging art enthusiast, she loves anything to do with art. It was fun and interesting watching Janis go through the stalls! I can tell you she had never seen so much art in one place and they were all unique. Apart from the art and paintin

10 Things You Should Do With Your Kids This Summer

School is out and summer is here! If you are a mum of 3 super active children like me, then you probably are in a panic mode on what to do during the summer holidays. Trying to keep children occupied during summer holidays can be tough especially if they are all under 10 like mine! Holiday Destination: Lagos, Nigeria We spent a couple of days getting ready for our trip back to Lagos once school was out and I can tell you all of us were looking forward to it! For my two daughters, its being outdoors all day long so when they had the chance to spend a couple of hours in the garden, they were all up for it! And I didn’t have to tell them what to do, they were already ready with their sun hats

Trend Alert: Baskets and Beads!

Lately, I am a little ardent in making little decorative pieces that I can use to decorate my home with. So when I went sightseeing at the Lekki market last week, I got the glass beads as I needed them to create decorative baskets. These beads, trust me are the best glass beads you will ever come across and they come in eye catching colors or should I say popping colors! I got the blue and the opaque ones. I have seen some lovely bowls and wall décor designed with glass beads (some were on display in the market) and if you like art, even if you don’t, I can assure you they can be a nice addition to your home. I was also in need for some baskets. Initially I went to get the square ones I had

A Day in The Lekki Arts & Craft Market

Lagos, Nigeria, is one of my favorite cities in the world and it just so happens to be home to me. So it’s no surprise that when summer holidays came, I packed up my luggage and my 3 children and headed to Lagos for the whole summer. One of the places I always look forward to visiting is the Lekki Arts & Craft Market also known as Oba Elegushi International Market or Jakande Art Market. I always visit Lekki Arts & Craft market but have never written about it. The market is one of the hidden gems of Lagos sate but gets overlooked because of its hidden location and unless you are looking for it, you won’t find it. Walking into the market one of the things that stands out is how well organized

Art Style Spotlight: A look into the home of an Artist

Decorating one's home, especially if you are an artist is a defining moment in any Artist's career. It acts as an achievement as it as an expression of one's creativity and what's more; they have to live in it. In July 2019, when South African based Artist, Miabo Enyadike decided it was time to redesign her home, she knew she had to incorporate her style of art and personality into its design. She wanted a home that was artistic, warm and inviting, one that would also appeal to her three children and husband as they also had to live in it. "It needed to be a place where I would be able to work and where I would feel at home" Says Miabo. "My inspiration came from the home of an art collector