Style Narcissism: Rocking in Trainers and Boots!

What are your favorite everyday shoes? Your favorite go to shoes? Your favorite travel shoes? Heels? Flats? Flip flops? I am sure your list of shoes is amazing. I like comfortable, easy shoes that I can slip my feet into anytime and still feel like a million bucks. Of course, it has to go with my casual outfit. It’s always essential to wear what you feel comfortable in. Here are 3 shoes, I couldn’t do without in my wardrobe and of course it’s a must have for any woman. Converse sneakers Yay! Converse sneakers are timeless, comfortable, fashionable and staple in my wardrobe! I love the iconic converse sneakers, with its original design and rock and roll edge! Trust me, you can wear it with ju

Design. Decorate. Decor: A look into the home of an Art Enthusiast

One of my favorite hobbies is visiting art and street markets; and sales events. I go to these places and events looking for that rare piece of craft, that no one else sees (at least that's what I, that inanimate piece that symbolizes careful thought and expression that catches eye, it could be a basket or even a little glass bottle. There's an inspiration that comes in that moment when you get something that's out of the ordinary, a eureka It brings a flood of ideas on what this beautiful piece of human imagination can add to my living space. Oh how i love art!!! And colours too!!! So to show you just how much love I got for the, I'll show you a bit of m

London Borough Market: For Foodies

Holidays are over, it's back to the UK First week back home, It's back to school. I am super excited as my last child is finally in primary school! I am sure a lot of mothers can relate, whew! More me time! Have had a fun filled summer and really looking forward to sending the kids off to school. Well its monday, Finally! Back to school! First thing I did after dropping them off at school was head to the train station and hop on the train to London Bridge. I am off to have breakfast, with my husband tagging along! I need him to take the pictures! I have been wanting to try out Caravan Bankside and I wasn’t disappointed. I ordered the Caravan Fry with hot smoked salmon and smashed avocado. R

Lagos and Fashion: My Street Style with a Twist

I have always been a casual dresser, with no makeup, no wigs. My favorite outfit is a pair of ripped jeans (definitely ripped), t-shirt and sneakers! I feel really comfortable with a bare freshly scrubbed face and a cropped haircut (My Daughters would love me to have long hair, never going to happen!). Most times I dye it a crazy color but recently I have just left it black, I think my natural black hair is much nicer too. And I love my ripped jeans! Over the summer, during my trip to Nigeria, Yemisi Ademokoya, a Lagos based fashion designer with a good sense of draping a woman's silhouette and owner of Salt of Da Earth Clothing asked me to model her latest collection for women. The photo sh