Family Holidays: Our Brighton Vacation!

This October, for the half term we packed our bags and headed to Brighton. After weeks of school runs, I and the kids were in for a much needed break! Yes, it was just for 4 days but it was worth it! We visited the seaside, walked The Lanes, visited art galleries, had fun watching animals at Seaworld Brighton and went on rides at the Brighton Palace Pier! Here are some pictures from our trip! First day in Brighton after checking into our hotel, we headed to the Beach for some Fish and Chips! The next day it was Seaworld and the Kids had an amazing time looking at the animals! The anaconda was the most fascinating for them, they kept going back to see if it would wake up! And then the boat ri

Things to do with your kids this Half Term!

Summer is definitely over and we had an amazing summer this year! Beautiful weather too! And October is a good time to get away before the winter gloom sets upon us, what better time than when the kids get out of school for half-term? It's that time of the year when schools go on break for one week and boom! You have children looking up to you to make the half term fun! Wondering what to do with your kids this half term? There are loads of stuff to do with kids! Staying indoors is definitely not an option! You would probably run mad from trying to keep them occupied especially if you have children under 10 years old like I do! I am always excited anytime there is a holiday as I get to spend

Lagos and Fashion: Salt of Da Earth’s Yemisi Ademokoya unveils her fall collection

Lagos based Luxury clothing designer, Yemisi Ademokoya owner of Salt of Da Earth, was all smiles at her first runway debut "It's long overdue, I am so excited to be showing my new collection" She says as she welcomes people to the venue. This is one fashion show I was looking forward to as Yemisi is my favourite designer! I love her clothes and she is one designer that helps her clients express themselves through clothes. “We want our brand and designs to showcase our rich culture and heritage through timeless pieces I create, I want each outfit created by me to tell a story, I look at a client and I think and visualise what would suit her” Says Yemisi. “Our mission is to position my brand;