Tips to Prepare Yourself & Your Home for Summer

Can you believe it’s almost the end of May? And we have spent a better part of the last five months in isolation and lockdown, it definitely has not been easy due to COVID-19. I am definitely one of those hoping that by the time summer comes round, we won't be in total lockdown and will have a chance to be out enjoying the beautiful weather. Being in total lockdown has definitely left me feeling sluggish and unmotivated about my health. I am definitely looking forward to summer, So it's time to prep your home, refresh and reset your body for the warmer months with these easy tips; 1. Get Organised: A bit of Spring Cleaning Never hurts! Time to clean out the cupboards and pack up the winter

Parenting Question : I'm curious, how are mothers coping with children this period?

Remember when weekdays were easier to manage? I definitely do. Breakfast in the morning, school drop offs and its back to my laptop till 3pm when its time for pick up! Then the kids come home and its, homework, dinner, bath time, bedtime stories and then lights out. Pretty predictable right? Well, it's not been like that in the last four weeks. School has been closed because of COVID-19. I'm curious, how are you managing screen time during quarantine with your kids? After one week of Netflix and video games, I realised I was in the danger of turning my kids into technology zombies and came up with a plan. I am sure most mothers can relate, when kids are busy, mothers can relax and rest! So i