Plan The ULTIMATE Summer Staycation At Home!

No Beach? No plans of travelling this Sumer but you still want to have the ultimate experience? No Problem! You can plan the ULTIMATE Summer Staycation at home! Most of us must have planned the ultimate summer holidays but probably do not want to travel for now due to the recent pandemic. My summer plans have definitely been put on the back burner but there's no need to let my dreams of a summer break float away so, I'm going to create a perfect summer for my family! With a little creative thinking, you can create the ultimate summer staycation at home and the entire family can have plenty of fun without actually leaving the house. And here's how to do it; Bring the tropical to your back gar

Spotify Playlist: My Favourite Songs At The Moment

This is the first blog post dedicated to music and I am excited to be writing about something I really love. One of the perks of being my own boss and working from home is I can listen to music while I work. Music makes me happy and most times if I am not listening to music while I work, you will definitely find me singing to myself. Music is definitely relaxing and has always been really important to me, not a day goes by when I haven’t listened to a song. I am currently working on redoing my garden, turning it into an outdoor living space and listening to music, while I work invigorates me. This is a playlist of my current favourite work music. Did I mention, my current favourite genre is

BBQ Food Ideas You NEED to Kick Summer Off!

Welcome to my Summer Series! Looking forward to sharing my ideas on how to have a fabulous summer. In my previous blog post; I shared tips on how we can get ourselves and our homes ready for the summer (You can read my previous blog post here: Tips to Prepare Yourself & Your Home for Summer). Barbecue season is officially upon us, Yes, Summer is almost here and in most cases we are seeing sunny days that last all the way into the evening which means it's time to get grilling. A barbecue is the perfect opportunity to cook up, grill some of your favourite dishes while you're at home. So be sure to impress this summer! Before you fire up the grill and start cooking; check out my summer BBQ food