10 Things You Should Do With Your Kids This Summer

Updated: May 28, 2020

School is out and summer is here! If you are a mum of 3 super active children like me, then you probably are in a panic mode on what to do during the summer holidays. Trying to keep children occupied during summer holidays can be tough especially if they are all under 10 like mine!

Holiday Destination: Lagos, Nigeria

We spent a couple of days getting ready for our trip back to Lagos once school was out and I can tell you all of us were looking forward to it!

For my two daughters, its being outdoors all day long so when they had the chance to spend a couple of hours in the garden, they were all up for it! And I didn’t have to tell them what to do, they were already ready with their sun hats and sunglasses, and they looked adorable in it.

Getting ready to play

I had to walk around with them, while they searched for grasshoppers and ladybugs (They are used to seeing Ladybugs back home in London) and they searched frantically to find at least one! When they couldn’t find one they decided to search for bugs!

Looking for Ladybugs and Grasshoppers

Play is the natural habitat of children. The chance to play all day, especially outdoors is wonderful for children. They need to be able to express themselves with no pressure to perform or prove themselves. I find that when my children play, they use all their minds and hearts to learn and grow

Deciding what games to play

They also love role playing!

Role playing: a favorite game with my girls

Children are naturally drawn to playing outside and there are numerous benefits of outdoor play too. I created a lot of activities especially outdoor activities for my children as I didn’t want them spending the whole holidays before the TV or playing video games! I can tell you that swimming is another hit with children! I am yet to see a child that hates swimming!

Swimming is fun!

Summer Bucket List: Ten things we did this summer! You can do it to!

  1. Swimming: That’s easy, my children love swimming

  2. Go to the movies: Lots of movies to see this summer! They loved The Lion King

  3. Visit the arts market: A chance for them to see and appreciate colors

  4. Morning/Evening Walks: I find that it relaxed the kids when we did this

  5. Blow Bubbles: It's easy. Just get a couple of bubble machines and let them loose in the garden

  6. Outdoor Garden Play: Their favorite! My daughters loved having their sun hat on and looking for bugs and flowers

  7. Arts & Crafts: Very popular activity with most kids. We made beaded baskets which we are taking back with us at the end of the summer.

  8. Make ice cream: it’s easy! Who doesn’t like making and having ice cream on a hot day!

  9. Play hide and seek: Another favorite amongst kids

  10. And lets not forget the beach! A very fun way to hang out as a family! Get your swimming gear complete with a picnic basket and you are good to go!

Having a fun free summer doesn’t have to cost a leg. The most important thing about summer is that you get to spend time together as a family and also get to create memories. What are your favorite games you would love to do with your kids? Please let me know too!

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