Art Style Spotlight: A look into the home of an Artist

Decorating one's home, especially if you are an artist is a defining moment in any Artist's career. It acts as an achievement as it as an expression of one's creativity and what's more; they have to live in it. In July 2019, when South African based Artist, Miabo Enyadike decided it was time to redesign her home, she knew she had to incorporate her style of art and personality into its design. She wanted a home that was artistic, warm and inviting, one that would also appeal to her three children and husband as they also had to live in it.

"It needed to be a place where I would be able to work and where I would feel at home" Says Miabo. "My inspiration came from the home of an art collector I visited in the UK during my Parralax Art Fair weekend. The entire home was absolutely lovely and well put together and it inspired me to be more creative with my small space, I want my home to tell a story"

Walking into Miabo's finished home, you are immediately in awe of how she used her art to transform the interior into an art studio as well as a beautiful living area. From the stenciled feature wall complete with abstract art placed in an asymmetrical pattern to a strategically placed book case which itself is a work of art, her living room tells a story, there is a story behind every piece of art you find in her home. A lot of well placed colored bottles, art and craft items like colored baskets, colored hand sewn cushions make the whole home artistic and it also has a warm, inviting and relaxing atmosphere which Miabo says is important because her family loves to spend evenings in the living area. Miabo's home gives credence to the saying "Art is a way of life and art is what you make of it".

Miabo Enyadike is a Fine Artist who draws inspiration from humanity and nature. Her work is lays emphasis on colors and abstract expressions. To know more about her art, follow her on instagram @artmiabo_miaboenyadike.

She is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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