Art Style Spotlight: Enchanted Fest Learning Trail Artworks

My daughter and I love Art, so when we visited Orpington High Street and saw a sign asking us to discover all the artworks on the high street, you bet, we set out a day to visit and locate all the Artworks! 14 of them!

And we were not disappointed!

The Learning Trail featured eye-catching, colourful artwork with a variety of information for kids! Very informative too. 

There 14 artworks on the high street, can you find them all? You bet we did :)
There 14 artworks on the high street, can you find them all? You bet we did :)

Artwork No. 1: The Welcome to Orpington sign :)

The first artwork, each artwork had a clue, with its number that would direct you to it. My daughter was thrilled by the fact that a Mushroom was the clue to locate each artwork.

1st Artwork, notice the mushroom with the number 1?

Artwork No. 2

Janis and I liked the "I am a Tree" image

Artwork No. 3

A little of bit science; this had information about plants and bees. A little knowledge never hurts! I have the image stored, so next time when my kids ask a question about pollination, I can whip out my camera and show them this image, right?

Good information for kids :)

Artwork No. 4

The Cute Little House, we took a lot of pictures of this house :)

Artwork No. 5

Notice the chart under the mushroom? For a while, we stood wondering where the 5th artwork was, as we had discovered the clue: a mushroom with number 5! Until we realised the art was the information underneath the mushroom with a maths question! Very creative! Art number 5 found. "So if you had £20, what would you buy at Mr Simms Orpington?"

Artwork No. 6

We counted and named all the animals in the picture! By this time we were very excited, we had located and taken pictures of most of the artworks! 6 down, 8 more to go!

Artwork Number 7

Janis located this, immediately we walked into the centre :) Hard to miss. Notice the wall art in the far corner? That is the 8th Artwork and my favorite.

Artwork No. 8

This in my opinion is the best of all! A whole wall of art! Beautiful and well illustrated. And it passed a message about diversity. Really beautiful message :)

Artwork No. 9

The coloured staircase. While taking the pictures, I was really impressed with all the effort and creativity that had been put into creating these beautiful artworks.


Artwork No. 10

Flowers! Different flowers and their names painted on. And Janis was only to excited to show me the clue: Mushroom with number 10 painted on it.

Row of Flowers

Artwork No. 11

The Recycle Bin! A very fun and creative way to teach kids about recycling.

Artwork 12

Loved the tre