Art Style Spotlight: My Daughter's Artworks

I've heard people say that every child is a prodigious Picasso! Hey, your child doesn’t have to be the next Picasso, all you can do is help nurture their creative spirit, making them know that it is valuable just because it is an expression of them. Art is an expression of life and right now kids just love playing with colours.

Every child loves to draw, colour and paint and show off their unique artwork and what they create is always unique. Of course parents love to show off their children's beautiful drawings. I can relate to that, I keep all pictures made by my kids:).  

For quite some time now, I've been wanting to write a post to showcase my daughter's artworks but never got round to it. I have always been proud of my children's accomplishments (I know they are still under 10 but hey, I have to celebrate each milestone right?) and my daughter's artwork is definitely no exception. Janis turned 6 in March and she already shows great talent as an artist. She has always loved colours and looks for any excuse to pick up a pencil and draw. Whenever I visit any art market, I always go with her and her excitement when she sees different paintings and art works on display, is a delight to watch. She started with crayons and colouring pencils and now she has started using acrylic and water colours and she paints mainly on white canvas, most times she uses just white paper. I love the way she plays around with colours :).

These baskets are some of the few pieces, we created together.

Summer 2019, we visited the Lekki Arts & Craft market (See previous post: Gems of Africa: Where to find them) and got these baskets and the glass beads which we used to create these amazing baskets. These baskets are very handy in holding little items. Janis is thinking of spraying it different colours :) and I'm inclined to agree with her. Just wondering what colours she would go for. Wow, can't believe we won't be travelling much this summer, revisiting the Lekki Arts & Craft market was on our list of places to visit this summer.

Okay lets move on, As a proud mum, I would love to show you some of her artworks, I think she's creative :)

                                                And she's really good with pencils too :)

Shared her work, finally! She's on instagram @artzbyjanis and has more amazing pictures on there! I think I have an artist in the house :)

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