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Book Reviews : When Love Lasts

As a writer, I feel excited when I read reviews from people who have read my book. I love getting reader feedback on my stories; even if they are not great reviews, there is always something I can learn from reviews of my books.

What do you think?

I think being open to reader feedback is suitable for any writer as there are many things you can learn from reviews; I know a lot from reviews. I've got a couple of good reviews of my book, "When Love Last", and I am delighted to share them here.

"Another enjoyable read by OL Obonna. I love how her characters are never perfect but clearly flawed, which makes them a lot more relatable. I always find myself getting invested in the characters and their decisions rooting for them to make the “right” choices on their path to rediscovering love. An engaging read and definitely a great addition to any romance lover’s collection. 👌🏽"

"Great storyline and enjoyed the characters. This is my second book from the author and has never disappointed. Love is the key to any relationship no matter the trials and tribulations"

Wow, I have to admit these reviews made me smile; reviews like this motivate me and inspire me to write more. I am working on my new book, A TRILOGY! And I am looking forward to its release.

Stay tuned and follow me for more news on my books :)

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