Christmas Centrepiece Ideas You Would Love

Christmas has to be my most favourite time of the year! I get to shop and I get to decorate my home and most of all I spend time with my kids! We definitely love holidays! Loads of stuff to do together. The last couple of days, my little girl has been asking "when is school closing?" or "Do we have school today?"! She's already in the holiday mode! Can't say I blame her. Can"t believe that Christmas is a couple of weeks away! I am definitely looking forward to it! No school runs for 2 whole weeks!  

And it is time to bring out the decorations and start shopping for a Christmas tree! So when is the best time to decorate? I don't think there is a set time for that. I think whenever suits you as long as it's done in time for Christmas and for presents to go under the tree.

I'm going to be sharing some amazing ideas on Christmas centrepieces with you. You definitely need to make your holiday table a memorable one with an unforgettable Christmas centerpiece. Whatever Christmas theme you select or however you wish to decorate, whether it is classically luxurious, traditional, freshly modern, or chic and trendy there are plenty of ideas to make your table stand out on that day! So let's see what style would suit you!

Evergreen Centrepiece|Fresh, Chic and Modern

Photography by: Mal_Media|

Classy and Artistic. Artfully crafted, this centerpiece is made up of pine (flocked pine, green pine), placed in different jars and vases. A few candlesticks are also thrown in too. This is probably one of the easiest centrepieces to create. Vases can be got at your Local TK Maxx store, or John Lewis and you can get pine in any high street store. Go ahead, get creative!

The Candleholder Centrepiece|Festive and Traditional

Photography by: Sarsmis|

Simple and functional and traditional, this tea-light holder can serve as a centrepiece if you like simple decorations. It is suitably stacked on pine, decorated with pine sprigs, berries and poinsettia. Just pop in a cinnamon spiced candle and you are good to go. Very affordable, John Lewis has some amazing tea light holder and prices range from £8 to £20.

The Box Centrepiece|Bright and Traditional

Photography by: Maksym Fesenko|

Now this is one any child would love to do! This, you can create with your kids. Get a small metal pail or a cardboard pail or box and decorate it! Easiest way to do that is to wrap it with a festive burlap! That would save time especially if you do not like painting and drawing. Then just fill it up with baubles (I would use read, gold and green baubles), pinecones (scented pinecones), pine sprigs and berries. You could be a little creative and add one or two ponsietta and you have a colourful and very bright centrepiece for your table.

Breath of Fresh Air|simply Fresh

Photography by: Mal_Media |

Made up of Pinecones, Pine sprigs and holly spray, this centerepiece brings the outdoors to your table! I call it a breath of fresh air!  The entire look, when put together gives your table a clean and modern feel that’s perfect for Christmas. No matter what your holiday/Christmas decoration style is (Traditional, Snowscape, Campfire or Garden Retreat), I do hope you are inspired by these simple and stunning Christmas centrepiece ideas. They are quite easy to create and if you do not want to DIY, just pop into any high street store and you will be spoilt for choice.

So start planning your holiday decor! And if you are at a loss on how to decorate, you can get ideas from John Lewis's Self decorating tips on how to decorate a Christmas tree: John Lewis reveals its top 7 Christmas decorating themes for 2019

I would really love to hear about your ideas for decorating. Tell us in the comments how you will be decorating your table for Christmas!

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