Design. Decorate. Decor: A look into the home of an Art Enthusiast

Updated: May 28, 2020

One of the many views of my home, love it :)

One of my favorite hobbies is visiting art and street markets; and sales events. I go to these places and events looking for that rare piece of craft, that no one else sees (at least that's what I, that inanimate piece that symbolizes careful thought and expression that catches eye, it could be a basket or even a little glass bottle. There's an inspiration that comes in that moment when you get something that's out of the ordinary, a eureka It brings a flood of ideas on what this beautiful piece of human imagination can add to my living space.

Oh how i love art!!! And colours too!!! 

So to show you just how much love I got for the, I'll show you a bit of my home, just a tiny bit :). I'd promised I would in my in my last post, so enjoy!!! I hope you too are inspired!!

I did say I would show a bit of my home in my next post, so enjoy :)

When the time came for my husband and I to decorate our new house, we had a lot of decisions to make regarding décor and we both had different ideas of what we wanted our home to look like. Even though I loved colors, I wanted something contemporary like white and black, he wanted colors! I felt the house would be too busy! Oh, but one thing was certain: we had to do up the house! We agreed on one thing though: it had to feel alive, cozy and expressive of our love for fine art and craft!

I must have saved dozens of photos from houzz, from google images and even from Hotels that had vintage decor! I certainly had lots of ideas and after visiting a shop in Lagos where a South African Artist had used pallets to design wine racks, I was suddenly in love with pallet and wood!

Wine pallets that inspired my love for pallets :)

I practically designed all the woodwork used in our living room! I drew the designs from scratch and got a carpenter to build the racks. I must have bought over 32 pallets! And he had to cut, sand, smooth and spray all the pallets. From the pallets we built, the light fittings, display cabinets, TV Stand and even a bookcase!

Some DIY! Made all these using pallets!

What I loved most about decorating was the fact that we didn’t just walk into a shop and buy pieces of craft, we would go to art markets and pick out unique items, like this wooden bowls with its intricate carvings

I love this wooden bowls! Very unique and well made too!

Or the baskets we got from the Lekki Arts Market and had it sprayed with paints. (Lekki Art Market has to be my favorite place to get home décor)

And the art work? How many times can I say this? Maybe not enough, We love art!!! and we wanted to express this in our home, to captivate the imagination once you walk into our living space. My husband is an avid art collector and buys a lot of Art especially from Art Miabo (Most of her her art, we buy on Saatchi Art)

My most my favorite corner of my house though has to be the living room with the grey feature wall. The gray is bold and rich and gives the living room a vintage feel and also brings a feeling of calmness into the room.

Decorating is my passion. I love the fact that I can use art to turn my home into a beautiful and serene living space. Living In Lagos, visiting art markets and looking for little pieces to decorate is a hobby of mine. And doing up the house took a lot of time and effort!

I love the fact that at the end of a busy day, or after dropping my children off to school, when I walk into my home, I feel the warmth, I feel peace and I love that it is more than a building to me. A house is just a building but your home is that secure space that love, happiness and laughter resides. My home definitely represents my husband and I, who we are, what we love and it expresses my love for art and colors.