Four books from my TBR List I Just Finished Reading

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Have you guys been reading a lot since March? I have!

Better late than never! I created a TBR list March this year, most of them self-help books! I am on track to complete my list by December! Lockdown gave me the push I needed to start reading (I have always loved reading) and I am glad I did.

I must have read at least 20 books since the UK went into lockdown in March. I am an avid reader! I read thrillers, romance novels (lots of those)! I even got out my entire Jackie collins collection and and read them all over again. No one writes about Hollywood like Jackie Collins! I also read lots of self helps book to help me with my Lifestyle blog and get tips on building a brand! Yes, I read those too.

2020 has been interesting so far, I found myself ordering lots of books on Amazon and kindle too! And I enjoyed it! Working from home, looking after kids, reading books was and still is one of the ways I get to relax.

Here are my some books from my TBR list;

1. The Smart Money Collection by Arese Ugwu 

The Smart Money Woman and The Smart Money Tribe are two books that are a must read. What I love about these books are the fact it talks about everyday life with lessons on how to manage your finances with entertaining money lessons. Reading the two books gave me an idea on what I need to do to manage my personal finance. And what made it really interesting was how she gave an in-depth analysis of each character in the books. Definitely a book to read, with lots of smart lessons for the everyday woman. You can get Arese Ugwu's books on Amazon Uk.

2. InstaStyle by Tezza (aka Tessa Barton)

InstaStyle is a must have for every social media influencer.

If you have unbeatable taste and style and you need to put it out there, you need to get a copy of this book.

Lots of tips on how to create amazing content and curate your images

I enjoyed reading the book as it is the perfect visual guide for transforming my feed and showcasing my life, while remaining true to my brand.

3. I Am My Brand by Kubi Springer

I have read books on marketing, brand development and this has to be one of the best. Kubi Springer provides a lot of information and thought provoking material to determine what I want my brand to be and how to cultivate it.

For someone looking to develop a brand, own brand, this is one of the self-help books you may need to get. I am normally sceptical about buying self-help books, but this is one book, I am glad I bought. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

It was easy to understand, and the tool kit helped me focus on the “why” and “how” to create the perfect brand.

This is definitely a must have for every entrepreneur.

There you have it :)

I enjoyed reading this books, learned a lot for them too. Have you been reading? Have you read any from these books? Which would you read first? I would love to know:)