Hello November: Things to do! Treat yourself this November!

Phew! What a month October was. I had so much going on in October and we had an amazing family break in Brighton (Read my last post on my Brighton trip here


November is finally here soon it will be Christmas (My cue to start shopping)! Time to start getting ideas for Christmas but first we have November to get through and there are lots of things to do! What are your goals for November? Any Ideas at all? 

Well I have a couple of things I would love to do. I rounded up a couple of ideas for things to do this month!

1. Get yourself a couple of cookbooks!

I just ordered 2 from amazon and I am excited and waiting for other books to arrive! My little miss loves cooking so I am looking forward to cooking with her using recipes from "Pinch of Nom: 100 Slimming, Home-style Recipes by Kay Featherstone and Kate Allinson" and "From the Oven to the Table: Simple dishes that look after themselves by Diana Henry)"

2. Go Shopping

Okay, who doesn't love shopping? I do even if its just to browse through shops and daydream! But this November, we are going to be shopping for specific outfits! Sweaters! Winter is fast approaching and I would love to have a couple of sweaters in warm and vibrant colours! Wouldn't you?

Featured Photo by Jason Stitt

3. Visit a Street Market

If you are in London, you can plan to visit any street market! The idea: you can get lots of unique gift items (Christmas gifts for family and friends), shops are starting to stock items for Christmas. And this is the best time to start shopping around and get good deals on unique items! Loads of street markets to visit, Camden Town, Portobello Road Market to name a few! If you love shopping for unique items, then a street market is the place to visit!

4. Watch Movies!

Binge watch Fantasy or Historical movies and I have just the right movies for you! 

  • The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

  • The Hobbit Trilogy

  • Kingdom of Heaven

  • The Gladiator

  • The King and I

That's My movie list for November

Last month, my kids and I watched Chronicles of Narnia (all three movies in one weekend), Sound of Music and Annie! Couldn't get The King and I so its on my movie list for November

5. Check out new restaurants

I love cooking but I also love eating out (a lot) especially with my kids! My kids love trying out new dishes and its always fun to eat out with them. this past weekend we had dinner at 4 Locos Argentine Steakhouse and the food was amazing!  

6. Visit an Art Gallery

If you are an Art Enthusiast like I am, then hop on the train and head to Brighton! Loads of Art Galleries to visit and a lot of Art shows holding in Brighton this month. And not only do you get to meet Artists showcasing their works but you also get to walk around the beautiful and picturesque town of Brighton, enjoying its sights and also you can eat at one of the amazing cafes in town!

7. Finally get yourself a camera and take amazing pictures!

Autumn is beautiful. The UK is beautiful in Autumn! I think Autumn is the most beautiful season in the UK (Although most days can be wet and cold)! There is something quite beautiful and magical about Autumn, the smells, the fallen leaves, the trees are dressed in yellows, redo and golds. Its perfect time to be out and taking pictures so whip out your cameras and start taking photos. I definitely will and will blog about it too!

Featured Photo by Sven Hansche

Before you know it, November is over and boom, winter is here and it is time to start planning for Christmas and the new year! Time does fly past! Can't believe Its almost Christmas!

Would love to know your ideas and what you would be doing this November! Whatever you do, just make sure you have fun! 

Warm Wishes,