London Borough Market: For Foodies

Updated: May 28, 2020

Holidays are over, it's back to the UK

First week back home, It's back to school. I am super excited as my last child is finally in primary school! I am sure a lot of mothers can relate, whew! More me time! Have had a fun filled summer and really looking forward to sending the kids off to school.

Well its monday, Finally! Back to school! First thing I did after dropping them off at school was head to the train station and hop on the train to London Bridge. I am off to have breakfast, with my husband tagging along! I need him to take the pictures!

I have been wanting to try out Caravan Bankside and I wasn’t disappointed. I ordered the Caravan Fry with hot smoked salmon and smashed avocado. Really delicious, looking for a reason to visit again.

After breakfast, it was picture time! Time for the photographer to work for the breakfast I bought him.

You see the building in the back? The Shard, looking forward to going there soon

Then it was time to walk all the way back to Borough Market, which by the way is my main reason for actually coming out. In case you didn’t know, The Borough Market is London’s most renowned food market, I get all my vegetables, seafood and dried meat from there and I always make sure I eat the street food.

One thing you can’t beat is street food! This time I sampled spiced squid and a little helping of paella! (I need to join the gym though, too much food over the summer is beginning to show)

Was so tasty!

I always get my vegetables from the borough. The vegetables are amazing, always fresh and you can get any type, any color! The first time I saw different colors of cauliflower was at this market. I love going there for purple cauliflower, now that is one you can’t find in the shops and it is delicious and more nutritious than the normal cauliflower.

And the seafood market is awesome! Simply amazing! The market is filled with all kinds of seafood. I am not really a fan of seafood but my children and husband eat a lot of seafood and you can get anything from squids to shellfish, I even saw a little octopus too. Well I was here only for dried meat and the rare cauliflower but it didn’t hurt too look and take pictures of the seafood.

And finally , if you are looking to get ham, cheese, tapas and all kinds of authentic Spanish meats, treat yourself by going to Brindisa Spanish Foods, it’s at the corner in the Borough Market. Brindisa the shop to go for all your smoked meat, fresh and cured! I love the Spanish cheese, it just melts in your mouth and so creamy. And the Brindisa Chorizo Slices, (which I always buy because my kids love it) for under £10 it’s a great buy

12.45pm! Time to head back to the train station. Time to head back home pick up my car and pick up my youngest as she closes at 1.30!

Oh, I received a lot of compliments on my Adire bomber jacket and my tote bag! Got the tote bag at Terra Kulture, Victoria Island and the bomber jacket, my favorite Lagos fashion designer Yemisi Ademokoya (@saltofdaearth) made it :)

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