Lagos and Fashion: My Street Style with a Twist

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

I have always been a casual dresser, with no makeup, no wigs. My favorite outfit is a pair of ripped jeans (definitely ripped), t-shirt and sneakers! I feel really comfortable with a bare freshly scrubbed face and a cropped haircut (My Daughters would love me to have long hair, never going to happen!). Most times I dye it a crazy color but recently I have just left it black, I think my natural black hair is much nicer too. And I love my ripped jeans!

Over the summer, during my trip to Nigeria, Yemisi Ademokoya, a Lagos based fashion designer with a good sense of draping a woman's silhouette and owner of Salt of Da Earth Clothing asked me to model her latest collection for women. The photo shoot was done in my house in Lekki. Okay, I admit I was a bit overwhelmed when Yemisi showed up with her crew! I thought it was going to be Yemisi and I and a camera, I had mine ready and waiting! But she showed up with a makeup person, camera men and a rack full of clothes!

Yemisi makes some amazing clothes and getting me to wear them is a major achievement for her because I am comfortable in my street style clothing and she came with Feyi Kushoni who has an amazing jewellery collection and I got to wear them for the Photo shoot.

The “Audrey” gown. Blue and Yellow, amazing color combination! Very elegant too, looking forward to wearing this outfit someday.

The "Audrey" Gown

I loved the orange silk "Kaine" gown, make up was minimal and the jewellery complimented the outfit and the background for the picture? Superb!

Okay! I just had to do the pose! I really loved the flowery outfit! The “ Ibidun” gown, very sophisticated and I really look like a lady! And my hairstyle really wowed!

Really loved this outfit. The "Ibidun" gown is a must have!

My favorite outfit! “Lady Boss” Definitely my best of the entire collection! I always rock in street style and this brocade jumpsuit was the outfit of the day for me! And the accessories, I really loved the chain set from Feyi’s collection

My favorite! The Lady Boss jumpsuit!

The photo shoot was fun and I got to do my first stint at being a model. 3 hours of changing outfits, trying out different poses, wow, didn’t think I could do it. And I have to admit, my house was the perfect venue for the photoshoot. My next blog post will be about my house back home in Nigeria, had a lot of fun doing up that house. I have always believed, style is a choice, you own your style and make it what you want it to be.

Thanks to Yemisi Ademokoya @saltofdaearth and Feyi Kushomi @adunnicouure for showing me a different side of me. For someone who loves going about in jeans, I felt really comfortable modelling those outfits and I bought a couple! Definitely Street Style with a twist!

Special thanks to @miaboenyadike for her amazing art work, most of the art displayed in my home are her works. Art is what you make of it and I turned her art into features places in my home and the result, an amazing home! For more pictures from the fashion shoot which I am tagging “Street Style with a Twist” follow Yemisi Ademokoya on Instagram @saltofdaearth.