Family Holidays: Our Brighton Vacation!

Updated: May 28, 2020

This October, for the half term we packed our bags and headed to Brighton. After weeks of school runs, I and the kids were in for a much needed break! Yes, it was just for 4 days but it was worth it! 

We visited the seaside, walked The Lanes, visited art galleries, had fun watching animals at Seaworld Brighton and went on rides at the Brighton Palace Pier! Here are some pictures from our trip!

First day in Brighton after checking into our hotel, we headed to the Beach for some Fish and Chips!

Fish and Chips! A favourite with the kids!
Fish and Chips! A favourite with the kids!

The next day it was Seaworld and the Kids had an amazing time looking at the animals! The anaconda was the most fascinating for them, they kept going back to see if it would wake up!

The Anaconda

We spent some time looking at this!

And then the boat ride, where they had a view of different fishes especially the Sharks!

(Different Pictures of animals)

And a video of the big turtle! What a magnificent animal!

Walking "The Lanes" I found The Lanes with its fabulous maze of twisting alleyways very fascinating! It is certainly a shopper’s paradise with independent shops, resaurants, cafes, art galleries and boutiques and we had tea and cakes in a quaint tea shop 'Sugardough"

"The Lanes" fabulous place to visit!