Plan The ULTIMATE Summer Staycation At Home!

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

No Beach? No plans of travelling this Sumer but you still want to have the ultimate experience? No Problem! You can plan the ULTIMATE Summer Staycation at home!

Most of us must have planned the ultimate summer holidays but probably do not want to travel for now due to the recent pandemic. My summer plans have definitely been put on the back burner but there's no need to let my dreams of a summer break float away so, I'm going to create a perfect summer for my family!

With a little creative thinking, you can create the ultimate summer staycation at home and the entire family can have plenty of fun without actually leaving the house. And here's how to do it;

Bring the tropical to your back garden!

Thinking of Hawaii? The blue beaches, the white sand? The Tiki bars serving Mai Tai! Mai Tai anyone? You can create a Tiki Bar in your back garden. I am definitely going to do that in July! My kids and I have already started ordering decorations to create our very own Tiki Bar! We are going to feel like we are at a Tiki Bar in Hawaii! Looking forward to sipping Mai Tai soon! Are you ready for the summer? Read my previous post on Tips to Prepare Yourself & Your Home for Summer and get your homes, especially your garden ready for the summer.

Al Fresco Dining

Just think, eating outside by the beach, out on the terrace in resorts in Spain, Italy and Dubai (My favourite holiday destinations), but since that may not be possible this year, if you have put your holiday plans on hold like I have done, then you can create the perfect atmosphere in your back garden. I'm currently doing up my back garden. I have planted the grass, painted part of the fence and stained the deck. Will definitely be having a couple of dinners out on the deck overlooking my newly planted lawn.

Barbecue Cookouts

A must for the summer. No summer is complete without at least one barbecue party. I held my first barbecue on Friday (26th June), to celebrate my daughters 5 year old birthday. We had plans to have a gymnastic party this year but all that was cancelled so we opted for a garden party instead! Lots of grilling, story tellings, dancing and picture taking!

There are loads of creative ways to have fun this summer;

  • Go shopping for the summer, after all we are going on a break. Buy the necessities, sunscreen, hats, flip flops, sunglasses, summer wear, bikinis, stock up on your holiday gear including a camera because you will have lots of pictures to take.

  • Pack a basket and head to the park for a much needed picnic. You can place a mat in your garden and have a picnic there! 

  • Creating your own festival in the garden like and an arts and crafts do is a sure way of getting children excited. Get your kids to create some unique pieces, set up a stall and buy their artwork from there! Perfect way to introduce kids to business and the art of saving, what do you think?

  • Get a giant sized paddling pool for the family and get everyone to dive in!

  • Create your own movie night experience! Outdoors or Indoors! The kids would love it!

  • Campfire Night! Get a tent and light up a fire in the garden. Sit around, drinking hot chocolate and marshmallows and tell stories.

  • Visit to the parks are definitely a must this summer! Pack a picnic basket or simply go for a run or walk! A little time outdoors never did anyone any harm. 

You can turn your lockdown experience into the ultimate Summer Staycation! My kids and I have the perfect Summer Staycation planned. We are going to turn our home into the perfect five star hotel, have bed in breakfast most mornings, set up buffet style lunch and dinner, and we are definitely going to create a Tiki bar in our garden, and have our own Hawaii holiday right here in our backyard!

What are your plans for the summer? Are you travelling for the summer? Or staying home? If you are staying back home like me, you have lots of ways to make your summer fantastic!  Would love to hear from you on your ideas for the summer! 

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