Spotify Playlist: My Favourite Songs At The Moment

This is the first blog post dedicated to music and I am excited to be writing about something I really love. One of the perks of being my own boss and working from home is I can listen to music while I work. Music makes me happy and most times if I am not listening to music while I work, you will definitely find me singing to myself. Music is definitely relaxing and has always been really important to me, not a day goes by when I haven’t listened to a song.  

I am currently working on redoing my garden, turning it into an outdoor living space and listening to music, while I work invigorates me.

This is a playlist of my current favourite work music. Did I mention, my current favourite genre is Afrobeats? Very catchy tunes too! Just started working on this playlist and my target is to get 200 songs on it by the end of this year! And its definitely going to contain music from a variety of genres, including movie soundtracks. Now that's  something I'm looking forward to doing; My Music Project.

My favourite songs change from time to time as I love all kinds of music from every genre as long as I can dance to it. So it kind of makes sense to include it all in one playlist, what do you think?

There are so many great songs, so it’s really hard to choose from but I am going to try and share some songs I have included on my playlist. Like I said, this summer, I'm loving Afrobeats, very catchy tunes! I  am going to be spending a lot of time listening to new music and updating my list!

Hope you like it! Just started working on my playlist, it's work in progress!!

Happy Listening:)

What music do you listen to when you work or when you feel like relaxing? Jazz? Pop? I would love to know! Please share your playlists/song ideas in the comment section so we can all discover new music! I still have to work on My Music Project :) 

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