Style Narcissism: Rocking in Trainers and Boots!

Updated: May 28, 2020

What are your favorite everyday shoes? Your favorite go to shoes? Your favorite travel shoes? Heels? Flats? Flip flops? I am sure your list of shoes is amazing. I like comfortable, easy shoes that I can slip my feet into anytime and still feel like a million bucks. Of course, it has to go with my casual outfit. It’s always essential to wear what you feel comfortable in. Here are 3 shoes, I couldn’t do without in my wardrobe and of course it’s a must have for any woman.

Converse sneakers

Yay! Converse sneakers are timeless, comfortable, fashionable and staple in my wardrobe! I love the iconic converse sneakers, with its original design and rock and roll edge! Trust me, you can wear it with just about anything! You can pair it with any outfit, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, a skirt, jogging pants or even a dress (I would go for a sporty dress) and you would still look good and add personality to the outfit! (Photo Credit: Nixki)

Don't you just love Converse shoes? Iconic!

Timberland Boots

Okay, they look a bit masculine but they give your outfit an edge! Wearing a pair of timberland boots with cuffed jeans, will make you stand out! Versatile and comfortable and always on trend, the timberland boots have become a wardrobe staple and definitely an icon of style! And they give your outfit an edge and a look that is all you. I own a pair of the Timberland Women's Glancy 6 Inch Boots – (Wheat Nubuck) and it's one of my favorite shoes I love to wear with ripped skinny jeans! If you are looking for an edgy look? Then the Timberland is the perfect choice! (Photo Credit: Kudryashova Alla)

For that edgy look! Style with an attitude!


Skechers! I am biased towards these trainers! Comfortable! (I love the comfort of its memory foam shoes). Glam! Okay I know they are sports shoes, but you can wear them and still look glam and stylish, while walking your dog, or doing the school run! Skechers are my go-to comfort shoes! They are the right shoes for workouts or going for a walk. Trust me, these contemporary trainers are a must have in any collection! (Photo Credit : Gcafotografia)

I love my memory foam Skechers!

I don’t know about you, but I get pumped when I have to wear trainers or boots! I walk a lot, school runs, grocery shopping and heels are definitely not going to serve me well. So, I’m always on the lookout for both stylish and comfortable shoes! Which is why I love my trainers and boots! And I am always on the lookout to buy more!

What are your favorite everyday shoes? (These are so great) But would really love to know…

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