The Rule of 6: New Covid-19 Rules

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Photography by: Steve Heap|

Recently a new rule to halt the spread of Covid-19 was announced in the UK. The Rule of 6 is now in effect in the UK due to recent spikes in COVID-19 cases and this rule applies to both indoor and outdoor settings.

This is a trying period for us especially those of us that have kids in school, especially those in primary school. It is also worrying for children in secondary schools and universities, a lot of secondary schools and universities have been hit in the last couple of weeks.

Everyday when I send my kids to school, I tell them;

1. No touching or hugging

2. Keep your distance

3. Wash your hands and use your sanitisers regularly.

How on earth do you tell a 5 year old to keep her distance from her friends? It's difficult but kids are resilient and it is amazing how they've adapted to what we now know as "The New Normal". It’s the new normal and we have to make the most of the situation.

Now with the recent surge in spikes, My mind goes to the amazing NHS staff who have put their life on the line to keep us safe. They are our unsung heroes. The last couple of months have been very tough for our NHS staff. More than 620 NHS staff have lost their lives since March and this is heartbreaking. We must do our bit to keep safe so we don’t overstretch them.

So every morning before my kids step out, we recite the rules and they know that in doing their bit by protecting themselves, they protect others and we can protect our NHS from being overstretched. We can all do our bit by wearing masks when we to go to shops as advised, wash hands regularly and stick to the law of the Rule of 6.

I know this is a difficult time for everyone but we will definitely beat this :)

#staysafe #washyourhands #socialdistance #wearmasks


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