Tips to Prepare Yourself & Your Home for Summer

Can you believe it’s almost the end of May? And we have spent a better part of the last five months in isolation and lockdown, it definitely has not been easy due to COVID-19. I am definitely one of those hoping that by the time summer comes round, we won't be in total lockdown and will have a chance to be out enjoying the beautiful weather. Being in total lockdown has definitely left me feeling sluggish and unmotivated about my health.

I am definitely looking forward to summer, So it's time to prep your home, refresh and reset your body for the warmer months with these easy tips;

1. Get Organised: A bit of Spring Cleaning Never hurts!

Time to clean out the cupboards and pack up the winter gear (If you haven't). Spring time is an opportunity to give everything a deep clean. Arrange kitchen cupboards, arrange your cookery books (Lots of different dishes to try out) and rid yourself of excess stuff around the house! And while you are at it, stock up on essentials!

2. Defend Against Pests

Getting your home rid of bugs and spiders is really important. I dislike spiders! Bugs, spiders and other crawling pests are just as ready to get moving in the summer months and they don’t always stay outdoors. So its time to stock up on insecticides. Spray outside your house, clean cobwebs around the windows. Tips for getting rid of pests inside your home: use peppermint or lemon essential oils, they do a good job of repelling insects especially bugs and they also give your home a fresh and clean smell.

3. Design Outdoor Living Space

During summer, we tend to spend a lot of time outdoors so its time to start thinking of ways to decorate your outdoor living space, if you have a garden.

For more creative ideas visit for 8 outdoor living trends to try in 2020

4. Keep Up Your Exercise Routine

I took up bike riding and walking! And you can do that too or simply maintain your year-round exercise routine.

5. Plan Your Summer Diet

Eat healthy! Lots of Salad recipes to try out and you need to drink lots of water. Drinking plenty of water is important to keep hydrated, so be creative, make hydration more delicious with flavoured water. Make sure you also stock up on lots of fruits like watermelon, cucumber and apples.

6. Map Out a Plan For The Kids

Very important, especially if social distancing /lockdown continues through the summer. There are lots of ways to keep them occupied especially if you have younger children;

  • Baking: Bake cookies and have them decorate.

  • Movie Nights: Friday nights are movie nights. Get out the popcorn, drinks and crisps. Its time to select a movie from Netflix. My kids and I spent the month of May watching the whole Transformers movies.

  • Bring McDonald home: Be creative. Borrow a leaf from Alan Halsall who made a McDonald meal for his daughter Sienna.

  • Tea Party: Hold tea parties in your newly decorated outdoor living space

  • Go for walks

  • Create a mini garden: Create a mini garden with your kids within your garden, allowing them to grow their own flowers. its fun and its also a learning process

How would you prepare for summer? Summer is around the corner and its time for grilling, enjoying long evenings outside and gardening. I hope my list of tips is helpful and I am sure we all are looking forward to a relaxing summer, a season for fun and relaxation, full of great memories.

Any more ideas and tips on how to prepare for the summer?

Would love to hear from you!