Trend Alert: Baskets and Beads!

Updated: May 28, 2020

Lately, I am a little ardent in making little decorative pieces that I can use to decorate my home with. So when I went sightseeing at the Lekki market last week, I got the glass beads as I needed them to create decorative baskets. These beads, trust me are the best glass beads you will ever come across and they come in eye catching colors or should I say popping colors!

I got the blue and the opaque ones. I have seen some lovely bowls and wall décor designed with glass beads (some were on display in the market) and if you like art, even if you don’t, I can assure you they can be a nice addition to your home.

I was also in need for some baskets. Initially I went to get the square ones I had seen in a mall but was amazed at the different shapes and designs they had. Like I said in my previous post, Lekki arts and craft market is a gem that you must visit anytime you find yourself in Nigeria. I loved the way the baskets were formed, very sturdy and rigid and some came in very bright colors!

I know for a fact that basket weaving isn’t an easy task (I once went for a mini class on basket weaving and still haven’t mastered the art yet but I am getting there!) So when I saw well made baskets, I decided to stock up by buying different shapes. I loved the one with the handles and fixing the beads was the next step. It was easy to do and you can use any material ( twine, yarn, fabric strip, ribbon, rope, glossy paper strip, and raffia) to fix the glass beads to the basket as long as they are “weave-able”, not too bulky and in long soft strips.

I used the twine that was used to tie the glass beads together and all I had to do was pass the twine through the glass beads and fix them to the basket.

You will be amazed at how a little twerk here and there can change the look of a plain basket. Simple touches can transform plain baskets into stylish accessories. I decided not to spray it with colors but leave it plain as it makes it more unique, what do you think? Any where you place it and what you use it for, it is sure to stand out! It's a great idea to incorporate baskets into your home decor as they add a certain warmth and texture to to your home.

I am becoming a pro at this and who knows I may soon start offering classes on arts and craft! I love the look of the baskets and have already packed it up! Its one of the many treasures I am taking back with me to the UK and I am already coming up with all sorts of ideas on where and how to use it! I can't wait!

Tips on how to use Beaded Baskets

  • Ideal for keeping toiletries out of site! A few well placed baskets can make your bathroom clutter free.

  • It can also be used in the kitchen to store fruits, utensils and gadgets.

  • Or simply as a decorative piece round the home

And it's easy to make, baskets and glass beads can be found in Lekki Arts & Craft Market at a reasonable price!

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