Trend Report: Autumn Finds + Buys

Yep, it's still Autumn and so far 2020's been, should I say, very interesting.

I'm sure we can all agree. I am sure we are all rooting for COVID-19 to actually disappear! We just went into a second national lockdown here in the UK. We can all agree this is not your typical year! I am looking forward to when, I can meet up with friends, family doing fun activities!

While we all wait for things to get back to a little bit of normal (Let's hope it does look festive by December), let us distract ourselves with some of my amazing Autumn finds; Boots and Trainers! Yes, my favourite footwear; boots and trainers! Below are a few of my faves!

My Favourite: Chelsea Boots

My Favourite: Chelsea Boots!

I love me a good Chelsea boot. They add a bit of class to any outfit. I think, they are stylish and classy and a must have for every boot lover :)

Knee High Boots

Not forgetting Combat Boots!

Quick question!

Does anyone else feel like boots can add spice to or make your outfit stand out? I do! I always look forward to Autumn because then I can wear boots, knee high boots, ankle boots, combat boots and my favourite the Chelsea boots. They look really good with skinny jeans too!

This season I added a couple of boots and trainers to my collection, and Clarks is my favourite shop to buy shoes. I love their shoes, their boots, trainers, in fact I love all things Clarks:). Click to visit Clarks online store, I am sure you will find something you love.

There you have it! My Top Autumn Finds + Buy!

So what's your favourite? Would love to know! Leave me a comment below :)


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