Ways To Make Your Home Festive and Cozier For The Holidays

Updated: May 28, 2020

Christmas has always been the best time of the year for me and you know what makes it better? Decking my house with Christmas decorations that set the mood. It's amazing getting every inch of my house decked out and into the holiday spirit, playing carols all day long and wrapping presents for my loved ones. I always look forward to it and the week before Christmas is the best time to start decorating. Whether you prefer traditional decor or something a bit more modern, there are lots of ideas and ways to make your home festive and cozier for the holidays.

1.The Classic Christmas Tree 

Photography by Monkey Business Images.

Put up a Christmas Tree! with lots of lights and ornaments and a sparkly Christmas tree topper. It's a favourite activity with kids.

2. Hang up Christmas Stockings

Photography by Valentina Proskurina

Get creative with Christmas stockings and please go practical on stocking fillers! What to do, fill stockings with practical gifts your kids are bound to love. 

3. Decorate with Christmas Cushions and Throws

Photography by Africa Studio

Switch out your throw pillows for cozy, textured neutrals with pops of red for Christmas or proper Christmas cushions. It gives the living room some warmth and definitely infuses some Christmas spirit.

4. Christmas Centrepieces are a must!

Photography by Sarsmis and Maksym Fesenko

You definitely need to make your holiday table a memorable one with an unforgettable Christmas centerpiece. Whatever Christmas theme you select or however you wish to decorate, whether it is classically luxurious, traditional, freshly modern, or chic and trendy there are plenty of ideas to make your table stand out on that day! Choose what style suits you. I created the Centrepiece in the picture below:)

Created this centrepiece with my daughter! She loved twisting the berries onto the leaves.

5. For a change, use Burlaps for presents!

Photography by Marie C Fields

I love using natural and rustic materials for decor and incoporating it into my Decor for Christmas was easy. Why not try using brown cardboard boxes and burlap to wrap your gifts this Christmas ?

So if you haven't put up your tree or even decorated for the holidays, start planning your holiday decor! And if you are at a loss on how to decorate, you can get ideas from my last post on creating Christmas Centrepieces or read up on John Lewis's Self decorating tips on how to decorate a Christmas tree: John Lewis reveals its top 7 Christmas decorating themes for 2019

I would really love to hear about your ideas for decorating.

Tell us in the comments how you will be decorating your house for Christmas! The idea is to make your home more festive and cozier for the holidays.

Warm Wishes,


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