What to do, and tell your kids going back to school

As children return to school this week, a lot of parents are apprehensive and worried because they feel it is not safe for kids to return to school. I am definitely one of those Mums. It's a scary time for families, who are torn between allowing their children stay home or return to school. I can relate to this and I definitely understand the fears of parents. 

I have 3 kids and my hair has probably turned white from worrying about schools reopening. Truth be told, this is the new normal and we either have to face it, deal with or stay permanently in our homes. Worrying can only do so much.

As kids return to school, if you have to send yours back, what should you do?

  1. Call up your school, ask for the safety procedures that have been put in place to protect children and staff (My school, already sent a detailed memo, so there was no need for me to call).

  2. Equip your kids, get sanitisers attached to their school bags, also buy antiseptic face and hand wipes and educate them on how to use it, they have to use it regularly.

  3. Teach your kids about social distancing, keeping their hands to themselves, no hugging anyone. Now that is important, especially if your child is the affectionate type, always hugging.  

  4. Wash your hands is a slogan almost every child knows by heart now, they just need to do more of it at school.

  5. It s also important they know the importance of cleaning their desks at school.

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A lot of decisions to make, a lot of fears to allay, a lot of nerves to calm but I am sure we will beat this. So if you are one of those Parents who would like to send their kids to school, you can, as long as you put safety measures in place.

And to all of us out there, remember to stay safe and stay positive:)

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