When is The Best Time To Decorate Your Home For Christmas?

Christmas is almost here and I am definitely excited! I love Christmas, a lot too, but this year I am super excited and looking forward to it. I guess most of us are definitely ready to put up the tree, the tinsels and the twinkling lights too!

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So when is the best time to start putting up decorations?

Good Question!

2020 has been a rollercoaster year! With COVID-19 and all the lockdown restrictions, everything as we know it, has changed. Summer came and went and for the first time in years, it was pretty subdued, with lockdown in some places and lots of restrictions, no surprise there.

Christmas is fast approaching and Christmas decorations are flying off the shelves, in shops! Flying off so fast too :). I can relate to that, people need a bit of cheer this season especially those who have lost a loved one to COVID-19. We all need a bit of cheer and joy and Christmas is the season to do just that. It's still Mid-November and people are already putting up decorations. I was waiting till the last week in November before I put up mine but with my kids bothering me every minute to put up decorations, I may have to put it up sooner.

Maybe, just maybe we all need to see decorations go up to feel good about the season. This year has been difficult for everyone and Christmas gives us something to look forward to, definitely gives people that positive push through these uncertain times.I just finished painting my house in preparation for Christmas and I am looking forward to it too!

When is the best time to put up Christmas decorations? Mid November, End of November or In December? Any ideas for what kind of decoration you would go for? Much as I love silver, I think I'm going to stick to using lots of red, green and gold this year. Would love to hear your thoughts on when you would put up your Christmas tree, If you are like me and you intend to put it up early, that's fine! Do it, especially if it makes you happy. Like I always say, "Positive Vibes Only".

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