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John, a .The movie concerns the photographer's exhibition 'Glory to the sorrow', which she was to hold in the town of a quiet and beautiful village. The three-day exhibition will be also a memento of Nandini's struggle in life, both in the past and in present. Cast Neha Janpandit as Nandini Joshi Manish Khanna as Salman Rohan Mehrotra as John Rishabh Bhatt as Noobhit Sanjay Shukla as Khanna Ashwin Kakar as Nandini's friend Madhur Kapoor as Nandini's friend Himanshu Mohan as Nandini's father Ravi Shaikh as Nandini's elder brother Soundtrack The soundtrack is composed by Yash as his first movie and lyrics are penned by Prashant Ingole. The songs are sung by Yash, Kunal Ganjawala, Shankar Mahadevan, Alka Yagnik, KK and Kunal Ganjawala and the lyrics are penned by Prashant Ingole. Music rights of the movie were acquired by Universal Music (India). Reception The Times of India gave the movie 4 out of 5 stars and said "Nandini (Neha) is extremely talented and equally beautiful. The costumes are terrific, the cinematography stunning and the music enthralling. The plot was handled brilliantly. There was no dull moment in this movie". References External links Category:2010s Hindi-language films Category:2013 films Category:Films shot in Delhi Category:Indian films Category:Indian drama films Category:Films about photographers Category:Films featuring an item number Category:Films scored by Yash Category:Directorial debut films Category:Luxembourgian film remakes Category:Luxembourgian drama films Category:Indian remakes of foreign films Category:Indian nonlinear narrative filmsQ: Split name for each cell using jquery I have a very large string, which looks like: 5/11/14 John Smith 5/13/14 John Jones I would like to have the second column split into 3 columns: 5/11/14 John Smith 5/13/14 John



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Smile Please Full Movie Download 720p Moviesl

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